You got HeyDad!

Welcome to HeyDad! Here's how it's gonna work:

  • You tell us where to send your box: (you should have a link in your email inbox - if not email us (hello@heydad.com)
  • Every month we send you a new Play Box for you and your kid(s). It’s not toys, it’s stuff to actually do together. A bunch of dads have already tested this and helped make it awesome, you’re going to love it.

  • We’ll send you an email every month when we ship your box that will include a link to your instruction video (and you can always see those videos at heydad.com/videos).

  • Then we’ll ship you a box of fun to do with your kid every month. Each box will feel pretty different from the one before (the whole point is for it to not get boring).

  • You should also check out our referral program—you can get $ for you, and for a friend who should be a HeyDad.

  • We also have a podcast! It’s three dads and one non-dad talking about dad life, and trying to make each other laugh.

  • If you’re ever going on vacation or want to skip your box delivery for the month (or if you want to be a real jerk and cancel your subscription) - click here.

Run of Play

1. The HERO Box
2. The PVC Box
3. The CAMP Box
5. The LOL Box
6. The CARS Box
7. And more!

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