If you ain't first, you're last...and it's probably because you let your kid win because you're not trying to get a car thrown at the back of your head.

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- The bag with bath bubbles says "Do not eat" - probably a good idea to follow those instructions


Run of Play

1. Get the cars out and just play for a while
2. Build your track (save a little tape)
3. Make tunnels (out of straws, legos, chairs, etc.)
4. Race
5. Ramps and jumps
6. Blow up tire
7. Jump the cars into the tire
8. Bumper car wrestling (make your helmet)
9. Tire ring toss
10. Red light green light on the track
11. Red light green light wearing the tire (you are the car)
12. Red light green light but the kid(s) are in charge
13. Car wash

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