HeyDad is built by Kevin and Trisha Madsen, who have three kids and are constantly trying to figure out how to be sane, well-adjusted people despite this fact.

HeyDad is our love letter/life raft to all the dads who love their kids, want to be super involved, but sometimes feel overwhelmed. Respect.

We want to be a resource that makes you laugh, lets you know that you’re not alone, and most of all helps you have fun with your kids - the kind of moments you already pretend to have all the time on Instagram but for real.

Why HeyDad?

We crave those moments of uninhibited undistracted play with our kids, but sometimes we lack the time and energy to make it happen.

HeyDad dreams up fun stuff for dads and kids to do together, tests it with a bunch of families, and then turns it into an experience that we ship to dads every month.

Those (too few and far-between) moments where time slows down and you can’t believe how lucky you are to be a dad? We turned them into our entire product.

Get Discounts and Updates from HeyDad

Get Discounts and Updates from HeyDad