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A box of fun for dads and kids. Comes with everything you need + video instructions. Buncha different themed experiences. It's real fun just trust us ok?

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A better use of $50 than going to the movies for 10 minutes, then a bathroom trip, then your kid gets bored and you leave, then you debate if you should ask for a refund but you don't want to be that guy so you just leave but now you're grumpy

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A better use of 90 minutes than watching Moana for the 50th time and finding yourself super annoyed with The Rock and then thinking to yourself “when did I become the kind of person who hates The Rock?”

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And about The Rock - is he gonna actually run for office? How do we feel about that? Probably not good. Although “Daddy’s gotta go to work” would be a pretty great campaign slogan

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Anyway, HeyDad. You should buy it.

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How it works

Fun in a box

Shows up monthly

With video instructions

Pause/Cancel anytime

Fun Stuff Like...

Lonn O.

My kids loved it. They keep asking when the next one is coming. Which is hard when you were a beta tester and they’ve been waiting for months for the next one...

Casey B.

Our first HeyDad box was a hit. My boys were totally engaged, we laughed a lot, and had a ton of fun. Now I have to explain to them regularly that HeyDad boxes don’t come every day.

Dave B.

This is built for dads. For less than the cost of a movie, HeyDad takes the work out of planning and designing a great afternoon with my kids (5yr. boy, 2 yr. girl). The toys and materials are good, but what really sets it apart is the care that goes into designing the instructions, storylines, and experience in each box. I look forward to HeyDad boxes almost as much as my kids.

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